Hey everyone…

Well today I posted my very first two Facebook ads for my new Facebook Fan Page I set up yesterday.  You can visit my Fan Page at https://www.facebook.com/MakingMoneyWithBrian.  Make sure you stop by and show me some love by clicking “Like”.

I have been doing some studying on Facebook marketing and thought I would do a test and see what results I get.  I placed two ads with a $10/day cap to to internet marketing Facebook communities and another ad to fans of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Facebook page.

Not Sure What Will Happen?

The nice thing about this test is that I can set a small budget and should know relatively soon what type of CPC (cost per click) that I am getting.  My goal is to get a 5 cent or lower CPC.

I am also working on free advertising methods…mainly forum and blog posts which I will also be reporting on what type of results I am getting.  Last check on Google Analytics (“GA”) right before this post, said 56 visits with 18 unique visits.  I still need to learn how to read the numbers on GA to see the true number of people coming to this blog.

Now…when I log in to my Hostgator account, it say that I had 4 visitors yesterday, 232 visitors so far this month and 310 visitors last month.  I don’t know what the discrepancy is between GA’s stats and Hostgator’s, but I need to find out.  Let me know if any of you can explain what the differences are.

Well I am off for the night to celebrate a friends birthday.  Hopefully my ads will be approved soon by Facebook and I can start to see some results by tomorrow.  I will keep you posted and what i find.

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Wishing you a brilliant life!




Where’s All The Traffic?

Hey Everyone,

Well it’s been almost two weeks since my very first blog post which I made on April 8th, 2013.  I have had some people visit the site as you can see from the screen shot of my Google Analytics for BrianBurkard.com


The snap shot is kind of small but it is showing in the past 12 days since my first post, I have had 38 visitors.  It is cool to see that I am getting some people to my site but not nearly enough visitors.  I have checked out my blog a couple of time to see how posts look, so I don’t know if those times are part of the 38 visitors?  I will look into.  Trying to learn how this whole Google Analytics works and what I can get from the data I receive.

It’s my fault…

I did a post in Alex Jeffrey’s forum.  A post on Alex Jeffrey’s Coaching Facebook page and Noah St John’s Abundant Lifestyle League Facebook page.

I really need to get my butt in gear and start posting on more forums and putting myself out there more.  I have been researching some other traffic sources and looking to do some more social media stuff.  I will be keeping you guys posted as I progress and sharing what is working and what is not.

I think I am going to shoot for 1,500 visitors next month…that is like 50 visitors a day.  I think that is a decent goal to shoot for, especially on a new blog.

I have recently came across a WordPress plugin that I am very excited about that should allow me to generate some great traffic and a new strategy that I am looking to implement.  I don’t want to share with you what they are at this moment because I have not tested either at this point and I want to get them going so I can share my results with you…either positive or negative.  If I said something now about them they would be just 2 more shiny objects to get you distracted!  I don’t want to do that to you.  I only want to provide good quality and things that will produce you results!

Well, until the next time…stay focused, pick a game plan and start working it.  I just added the social media plugin Shareaholic, so i would love it if you feel this blog or this particular post is worth sharing, to go ahead and uses the social media icons below this post.  Also leave me a comment or ask a question below…I am here for you guys and want you to be successful as well.

Wishing you a brilliant life!


Hey everyone,

I have been thinking and working on my business a lot lately.

I don’t know if you know who Michel E. Gerber is, but he is the author of the book The E-Myth and if you haven’t read it I suggest you add it to the top of your list for business books.  Gerber’s main concept is – to spend most of your time working on your business, not in your business!

I think that is great business advice especially for us struggling online entrepreneurs who are trying to make money online and build our businesses.

Well, what I have been doing since the beginning of the year (actually I need to be doing more of it….shame on me) is to spend more time working on myself than on the “How To’s” of making money online.  The beginning of this year I told myself that I would spend 80% of my time focusing on myself and my personal development and only 20% on the #How To’s” of my business.

What I am trying to say is that you need to develop a strong mindset if you want to succeed, whether that is in your business, your relationships or life in general.  This entails pushing through your fears, eliminating your negative self-talk, increasing your belief and self-image of yourself because…

You will face challenges!

You will face disappointments!

You will have setbacks!

…and if you are not strong mentally you will most likely give up when things get tough.

In my quest to build a strong and successful mindset I have been fortunate enough to find someone who I believe will help me to become mentally strong.  His name is Noah St John and I absolutely love what he teaches about creating a strong mindset.  I first read his first book years ago, Permission To Succeed. and found it very encouraging with a lot of great information.

Then in the last 6 months or so I got his most recent book, The Secret Code of Success..7 Hidden Steps to More Wealth and Happiness (which I highly recommend you go to your bookstore or Amazon and order it) which just clicked with me and made so much sense.  I understood why I was not achieving my goals and why I was holding myself back from all the success I wanted.


Then biggest shift in my mindset came when I purchased Noah’s Get Unstuck program.

Noah talks about…

getting rid of your Head Trash and…

getting your foot off the brake.

He was able to show me how I was actually sabotaging myself and holding me back from the success I was trying to achieve.  And you know what was also great about the program?

Noah said that buying all the self-help books and doing all the affirmations without getting the results I wanted was not my fault.  I was just trying things that don’t work for 80 to 90 percent of the people.

I was following the wrong system!!!

However; though it wasn’t my fault, it is my responsibility to use the right system and make the changes I want in my life by creating the right mindset and getting rid of the head trash and taking my foot off the brakes by using what he has learned about tapping an individuals inner potential.

So I want to leave you with two Ah Ha’s that I have recently discovered and how they are making a positive difference in my life.

1.) Get coaches to help you succeed in all areas of your life that you seem to be struggling in.  Find people you connect with.  That what they teach not only gets results but makes sense to you.  My coaches that I have been using recently for my personal development is Noah St John because I like how makes sense of creating a strong mindset and gives you step-by-step strategies.

as for my Business coaches I have chosen Alex Jeffreys, Sean Mize (who I think has such great teaching on internet marketing and is able to bring clarity to creating an online business) and Russ Ruffino.  I have learned so much from these guys and that is what I will be sharing with you on this blog as I build my business.


2.) Follow a system that works! Once you have a system that works don’t go chasing shiny objects.  Focus and start producing results and move yourself and your business forward.

So that’s it for now.  If you enjoyed this post and it made you think about what you are doing and how you are going about working towards your goals then leave me a comment or share your thoughts.

Wishing you a brilliant life!




Yes!…I have finally had it!

All these years of trying to make money on the internet and what do I have to show for it?  Not much.

Hi and welcome to my blog.  My name is Brian Burkard.  I am 46 years old (47 in June) and I have always dreamed of creating my own business for as long as I can remember.  I have worked many different jobs in many different fields over my adult working life, always though, having that burning desire to have my own business and be SUCCESSFUL!

This is my first blog post and the reason why I titled it “That’s It Enough Is Enough” is that I am tired of saying every January 1st of each new year that “This Is Going To Be The Year”.  I have said that for too long with never creating that dream life I have imagined for so long.  Many of you may have the same feeling?

This blog is meant to share my story.  Me stepping off the sidelines of life and onto the playing field.  Finally taking action to build a successful internet business and creating the lifestyle I want and hopefully inspiring others to do the same.  I have always loved helping people and I get great joy being able to touch anothers’ life, whether it is a simple smile or a life changing moment from something I said or did.

Well I am committing to making a difference in my life by taking Massive Imperfect Action!  One of the mottoes I am adopting for my life is from entrepreneur Mike Litman who says “You Don’t Have To Get It Right Just Get It Going”.

You see I have been a “Perfectionist” all my life.

I always want to make sure what I do is done really well.  What I have found out is what I call Perfectionism is more likely FEAR.  Of course i want to do well…don’t we all?  But I think I have been afraid to fail.  Afraid of the unknown.  What if this dream life I want never happens?

Well looking back over the years I am tougher than I give myself credit for.  I have survived a divorce, two bankruptcies, being a single dad to three fantastic boys, layoffs at work and you know what?….I am still standing!

There is a great line in the last Rocky movie titled ROCKY and if you haven’t seen it I would rank it up there with the first Rocky movie…anyways Rocky is out in the street talking to his son who has just told his dad about how his life is a mess and how hard it is being his son and that he is embarrassed about his dad doing this up coming fight at his age.  Rocky makes a great speech to his son and in one of the lines of the speech Rocky say to his son…

“You, me or nobody is going to hit as hard as life…but it ain’t about how hard your hit…it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward and how much you can take and keep moving forward.  That’s how winning is done!  Now if you know what you are worth then go out and get what your worth, but you got to be willing to take the hits and not pointing fingers, saying you ain’t where you wanna be because of him or her or anybody.  Cowards do that and THAT AIN’T YOU!  YOU’RE BETTER THAN THAT!”

(Here’s the link I suggest you check it out, but only after you finish reading my blog post first….LOL : – )   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Z5OookwOoY

I am not really a newbie, but I kind of am…..let me explain.  I Really got excited about creating an internet business back in 2009.  I had studied direct response marketing for a few years prior and loved learning about it.

On October 15, 2009 I went to my first Internet Marketing meeting put on by a local marketer who had built websites selling radar detectors.  He learned SEO and was able to outrank some of the bigger players on the internet and ended up selling his business to these big players for millions.  At this meeting I ran into a long lost buddy who was also there and was interested in internet marketing.

We began to talk about all the information we had learned and talked about helping local business get ranked on the internet.  I have been able to rank a few sites on page one of Google and some even in position one from all the SEO information I have learned; however, still no success.

I bought my first WSO (Warrior Forum Special Offer on September 27, 2010 and as of April 4, 2013…just a few days ago I have purchased over 230 products.  That’s just on the Warrior forum, not including other products from other sites.  Yes some of them were WordPress themes and tools and software, but most of them were about making money on the internet.  I have bought products on SEO, PPC, product creation, affiliate programs, make money on eBay, make money on Amazon, creating ads, writing sales letters, make money with LinkedIn, with Facebook,  and on and on.  After all these programs I managed to make $27.00 from a PLR product I marketed. about $100.00 from Adsense sites I created and $98.50 from an affiliate product I promoted using a review website….all this for a whopping total of $225.50 in the past 3 + years….NOT the success I was hoping for.

Maybe you have experienced this pain as well?

Well I am glad to say that my last WSO that I purchased on April 4, 2013 was Alex Jeffreys’ The Money Trigger.  I had first experienced Alex when I bought his Million Dollar Blueprint program.  But the one that inspired me to create this blog, which I had purchased BrianBurkard.com on January 19, 2010 (can you believe over 3 years ago and this is my first blog post!!!), was when I purchased Alex Jeffreys’ coaching program “Marketing With Alex Elite”.  That coaching program gave me a clear plan to creating a business online that works!  It also got me to stop talking about success and start taking action!  Thank you Alex for a great program and for encouraging me to make this internet thing a reality.

So I have decided to take what I have learned over the years and the new information I have learned from Alex and built a true sustainable business that will allow me to work my internet business full-time and help as many people as I can.

I will be sharing what I learn on this blog as I go.  Both the good, the bad, the failures and success and if you liked this post and maybe it inspired you to take massive action and to purse you dream of making money on the internet, then this blog is worth it.  I hope you will follow me on this journey and share your story with me as well.  If you have your own blog leave me the website address so I can visit yours as well.

If you are still reading this, then a sincere thank you for reading this long post.  I don’t always plan to write this much but I wanted to share so much with you and hopefully you would see that I am like you.  A person who wants to achieve success. Who has had setbacks but is still pursuing his dreams!  I want you to do the same.  Building an internet business can be lonely.  Working on you PC or laptop in your bedroom or kitchen table feeling like everyone else is making money on the internet…why not me?  Well I am telling you right now that it can be you!  Just find something that resonates with you, create a plan and take Massive Imperfect Action!

So, if this is something that excites you I would love to hear from you.  Just leave your comments below and tell me what you think.  If I can help you in anyway let me know.

I wish you a brilliant life!