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Is Facebook A Good Source For Leads?

Is Facebook A Good Source For Leads?

by Brian

Hey everyone…

Well today I posted my very first two Facebook ads for my new Facebook Fan Page I set up yesterday.  You can visit my Fan Page at https://www.facebook.com/MakingMoneyWithBrian.  Make sure you stop by and show me some love by clicking “Like”.

I have been doing some studying on Facebook marketing and thought I would do a test and see what results I get.  I placed two ads with a $10/day cap to to internet marketing Facebook communities and another ad to fans of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Facebook page.

Not Sure What Will Happen?

The nice thing about this test is that I can set a small budget and should know relatively soon what type of CPC (cost per click) that I am getting.  My goal is to get a 5 cent or lower CPC.

I am also working on free advertising methods…mainly forum and blog posts which I will also be reporting on what type of results I am getting.  Last check on Google Analytics (“GA”) right before this post, said 56 visits with 18 unique visits.  I still need to learn how to read the numbers on GA to see the true number of people coming to this blog.

Now…when I log in to my Hostgator account, it say that I had 4 visitors yesterday, 232 visitors so far this month and 310 visitors last month.  I don’t know what the discrepancy is between GA’s stats and Hostgator’s, but I need to find out.  Let me know if any of you can explain what the differences are.

Well I am off for the night to celebrate a friends birthday.  Hopefully my ads will be approved soon by Facebook and I can start to see some results by tomorrow.  I will keep you posted and what i find.

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Wishing you a brilliant life!




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